From My Father's House

By X.F. Aguilar

Before I Forget
Golden Gloves
The Fact
Friends Until the End
Racing Hearts
Infinite Review

About the Author



ABOUT Xavier F. Aguilar

Xavier F. Aguilar’s writing credits include fiction, poetry, essay and exposition.

He is a graduate of the Newspaper Institute of America, the Writer’s Digest Fiction Writer’s Course and the Writer’s Digest Advanced Fiction Writer’s Course.

Xavier's work has appeared in a variety of periodicals and he is listed in Who’s Who of Poets — Writers —Editors — Publishers.

His most recently published collections of fiction are From My Father's House (2016), First Snow (2010), Where Grandma Lived (2009) and Between Places (2007) and three fiction echapbooks, in addition to this poetry collection,In Autumn’s Grace (2012), Like Running Water (2011) and Garment of Flesh (2009).

The cover photo for From My Father’s House is by Xavier F. Aguilar.

For more information, see Xavier’s WEBSITE.

Xavier F. Aguilar resides in Pennsylvania.

photo of Xavier F. Aguilar