From My Father's House

By X.F. Aguilar

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Golden Gloves
The Fact
Friends Until the End
Racing Hearts
Infinite Review

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Friends Until the End

He saw him die
yesterday  in the sunlight
while life was happening
all around him,

He smiled at him
just  seconds before
the bullet crushed skull bone.
What a friend he was.

The sidewalk stopped his fall
right in front of him,
bathed in the sun of afternoon.
If he could stick his finger

into the wound
and stop the profuse bleeding,
if he could have saved him
he would have.

He was his friend.
They grew up together,
they were business partners,
they shared as equals.

He watched him die,
he picked up the shell casing,
taking his money from death’s pocket
his feet stepped over the body.

  © X.F. Aguilar, 2012


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