From My Father's House

By X.F. Aguilar

Before I Forget
Golden Gloves
The Fact
Friends Until the End
Racing Hearts
Infinite Review

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Once upon a time I was your friend;
you sat with me and you were mine.
You talked with me and I too spoke;
laughing together at each other’s jokes
and speaking of mountains we’d like to climb.

Something happened to us;
you misunderstood my words and expression.
Now, about me you talk;
you laugh at me in fearful mock
and your dreams shall be a lesson.

To learn of me is horrifying;
you see your longing ghost.
Now, you stand in lies;
you blind your glaring eyes
and in ignorance you boast.

The wafting spirits are about;
they move swiftly through the trees.
Foolishness is a mark upon your head;
our friendship is more than dead
and your wailings echo in the breeze.

  © X.F. Aguilar, 2012