From My Father's House

By X.F. Aguilar

Before I Forget
Golden Gloves
The Fact
Friends Until the End
Racing Hearts
Infinite Review

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Infinite Review

Remember the days of sunlight
and how we’d laugh and play
in fields of yellow and white
and sounds of verse we’d say?

Chasing rabbits across this place
with clothes hung in sheets of air
whence daffodil showed a sunny face
and wind tossed your curls of hair.

See Grandpa in sweat-stained hat.
Shoulders arched . . . he moved God’s earth.
A garden was his reason for that.
He gave us . . . all his life was worth.

How perfect the day and the night
while Grandma baked sweet apple pie
and heaven extended it’s natural light;
the sun and moon in friendly sky.

Easily the best of years;
we were all here to give and share.
Sometimes I contemplate wasted fears
and summer is once again here.

All the faces are still contained,
the souls exalt in tryst.
The season is forever refrained:
A perpetual cavalcade persist.

  © X.F. Aguilar, 2012


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