Liquid Lunch by Stephen Bess

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LIQUID LUNCH: Blues Inspired Poetry by Stephen Bess


First, I thank God (Jesus Christ) for His guidance and direction. I thank my wife, Ntshiuwa for her love, constant support, and for being a great wife-manager; my daughter Thakabasadi for her support and love. I thank my grandfather Mr. Tom Best for being an inspiration for this book, and for helping me to be the man I am today; my parents — especially my father — for being a great example, and encouraging my writing years before I would even pick up the pen. I thank my brother Thomas Bess, Jr. for being a great artist and true inspiration. I thank my brothers (Brian and Gary) and sister (Lisa) for their constant love and support. Thanks to the Bess, Bruce, and Roberson family — I wouldn’t be here without you. I thank my family in Orange Farm, South Africa — Ke a o rata. Big thanks to writer Geoffrey Philp for encouraging me to publish a book of Blues poetry — One Love, Geoffrey. Thanks to John Spotila (CEO/R3i Solutions) for his support and encouragement to publish a 2nd edition of Liquid Lunch. Thanks to Moorosi Mokuena along with the R3i and NOVAD team for allowing me to recite my poetry during staff meetings. Thanks to every English professor at Savannah State — class of 1994. Big thanks to Wordrunner Press for fine customer service — thanks Jo-Anne. Finally, thanks to all my friends and family who have supported my writing on Morphological Confetti since April of 2005. God Bless. Peace~

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