Liquid Lunch by Stephen Bess

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LIQUID LUNCH: Blues Inspired Poetry by Stephen Bess

Chicken Wing Special

If I can get together just a few dollars –maybe ‘bout $5 or $10

I can run and get that chicken wing special down at the carry-out
and a pint of gin

I believe this old pickle jar here has enough to take me through

I just need to take it to the coinstar machine at grocery store
to make it do what it do

Ya’ll don’t hear me

I mean I got a taste for some of them chicken wings bad!

and all the fries you can give me

Just throw me some of that mumbo sauce in the bag

Then I’ll dip on over to Earl’s Liquor store to get me a little pint of gin

If I can get together just a few dollars — maybe ‘bout $5 or $10


© Stephen Bess, 2010

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