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I've given up

I’ve given up in despair
Of finding true passion
The passion for living
The intensity of giving
The joy of taking
The excitement of awakening.

                          AND OVERLAID
With logic and with words.

We probe, we examine, we analyze.
We meet, we talk, we intellectualize —
Then drink out — stone out — and try
                          to exorcise
All our stupid fears
But we never seem to listen
We never really hear.

It’s exhausting — and leads to
                          a nagging depression
Warmth and sensitivity are smothered
                          by repression
And it all evolves to an emotional

It’s as if people are afraid to live
They’ve just kind of shriveled and died
                          and curled up
For without true passion
They’ve really nothing to give.


© 2010, Doris Schachter


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