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Left California

Left California the “Golden State,”
With its superficiality —
          its underlying hate.
A place that’s the perfect setting
          for begetting,

And for a moment — a time in space
I found that extra special place ———
Where the winds blew wild
Where blues skies smiled
Where trees beguiled
          my battered senses
And I unwound my tightness, my tenseness.

Sitting here at Pedder Bay
Believing I’d gotten far enough away
From all of man’s insanities

Yet, once again, insatiable men
          Have driven “Killer Whales”
                     into a pen,
Magnificent mammoths of the sea,
Who should forever meander free
Have been made the pawns of those
Who, forever, must impose
                     their insensitivity.


© 2010, Doris Schachter


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