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A Love Letter

      This is a love letter, 
A searching love letter, not just between a woman and a man but a love letter to womankind and mankind for humankind.

      I come from a very specific background and time.  Born at the start of the depression to parents of Jewish, Russian heritage, who came to this country after they were married in the 1920’s.  I was teethed on the vibrant milk of revolution.

      The attitude was Gung Ho.  We had to be smarter, better, healthier, have integrity, honesty, conviction.  The workers were the backbone of every nation ant the two most important days in my life were May 1st, when we marched, and May 2nd, my birthday.

      I don’t know at what age the contradictions started to manifest themselves but I do know that somewhere along the way in my exciting childhood I started to realize there was a significant difference in what many people were saying and what they were really reaching for.

       Out of these contradictions and my experiences have come my thoughts and feelings.  Truths to me at this time … subject to change at other times.  Still just as true.


© 2010, Doris Schachter


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