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A Love Letter
A Word
Went on a Caribbean Cruise
I was
Ode to a Naked Mannequin
The Nightmare
There's an empty space
When the tyranny
Sitting on a limb
The words are becoming
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The Search
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A Short Story
The swirling simplicity
I'm a separate
The black hole
I've given up
The New
The Winds of Crete
A Song
• A Message
A Question?
An Answer
And suddenly



A Message

“Don’t invade my personal
                          everyday land.
Touching has a habit of getting
                          out of hand.
Then I wouldn’t be in total
I’d be vulnerable and that’s
                          too sensitive a sphere.
So view from the outskirts
                          but don’t come near.”
A circumscribed message that’s
                          loud and clear.


© 2010, Doris Schachter


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