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The New

THE CRY IS NOW. THE TIME IS NOW. THE BATTLE MUST BE NOW. On all levels and in every way possible the concept of MANKIND must be destroyed. MANKIND must be destroyed because it is itself destructive, it carries the seeds of its own destruction because it is limited, it is limited because it negates more than ½ the world’s population, WOMEN. We cannot accept the cop-out anymore. MANKIND DOES NOT MEAN WOMANKIND. To say that Mankind also means Womankind is the worst form of tokenism, the biggest of put downs, the most insulting negation of a life form, a thought process, an intelligence, a creativity and a genius. All of history has been written and interpreted by man and all of it is his personal ego trip, his interpretation, his imposition of his needs, his lack of recognition (or fear of recognition) that man cannot exist without woman that woman cannot exist without man and that HUMANKIND cannot grow unless both are truly represented in every facet of life. It is way past the time to attack all concepts that do not include the necessary TOTALITY: BOTH MAN AND WOMAN.

The only way this can be done is for Women to first attack then challenge and confront, out in the open, all the insidious horse shit that has been piled upon us in the name of MANKIND. We must start at the beginning.

IN THE BEGINNING MAN CREATED GOD. He created GOD in his image from his need to explain day and night, water and land, sun and stars…and all the flora and fauna that he came in contact with.

AND by creating GOD he could explain these mysteries, but the BIGGEST MYSTERY, his need to explain, his need to have a sense of value about himself, his need to have an identity, never got past his fear and narrowness of his own picture of himself. What was he here for? What was he? He knew he needed woman, this strange creature who gave birth to a life form that grew like him. He knew he needed the warmth of her closeness, the excitement of their intercourse. Women didn’t have to explain her reason for being. She gave birth. What did he do? In this terror of non-identity he created GOD. A GOD, who is so fearful that he rules by threats. A GOD, who is so lonely he creates all the universe for his needs. A GOD, who needs to control all about him but cannot even control what he has created. GOD, OMNIPOTENT BEING, ALL SEEING, ALL HEARING, ALL WISE? No, this GOD is the creation, by man, for man. And as women, we must say NO. No… AND NO again, we cannot accept a GOD that sees only MAN. We cannot accept a GOD that refuses to recognize Women, as separate, viable beings in their own right. We are not appendages and should refuse to be classified as such.


© 2010, Doris Schachter


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