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We run along in our “civilized world”
With confidence in our vast knowledge
And then one day life walks in
And catches up with us

The Nightmare

“Get my damned family off my back
I can’t be everything to every one.”
The doctors and nurses ignored the
Removed from the patient’s
Lost her water 26 hours ago
Hard birth — got to go slow.”
Fifth child coming fast, terrible pain
                    Fade out again.

The physical pain is past
The emotional one will last
How long?  No one knows.
Last child will start revolutionary

Why do I have to fall apart
Before anyone realizes I have a heart?
                    that bleeds.
Don’t you know I have a sensitive soul?
I can’t forever play this stupid role
                    of understanding
                    everyone’s needs.
My open smile is fading
And I am going wading
                    thru breakdown
                    and hate.

High school drop out — lovely dancer
Wife — mother — without an answer.
Wallowing in despair
Because no one is aware
That I’m in panic
Child is ill
I have no will
To recognize or deal
With anything that’s real
                    I hurt too much
                    I cry a lot
                    The baby has brain damage
                    And I cannot

My fourteen year old breaks through
Grabbing my shoulders, shaking them hard
Yelling at me. “I’m telling you
Everything will be okay
I’m giving the answers today.”

The surgery is a major success
Subdural hematoma from birth duress
All cleaned out — all systems go.
Oh! Answer man did you really know?
Release from tension I laughed
Release of joy I cried.

Next morning a message
                    YOUR MOTHER JUST DIED
I stand in shocked silence
                     and fall apart inside.


© 2010, Doris Schachter


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