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The terror that people feel is a terror of life not of death.
Death as we perceive it, is one dimensional — end — finish.
LIFE has infinite dimensions and as we discover this it tends to become overwhelming and we feel inadequate and this is terrifying.


If an orgasm between  a man and woman is looked upon as an end or just a release of a physical need, it becomes anti-climactic or one dimensional like death… With that attitude it can be done alone, better known as masturbation or together and have dual masturbation. (Both valid)

But if we can perceive an orgasm between a man and a woman as a NOVA, the explosion of a new beginning and the understanding that a child from this NOVA is only a physical dimension and we haven’t even started to explore all the other possibilities . . . . WOW!


A part of — and yet apart


To be able to feel another human being is more than just to love.  Only when we really probe and touch each other’s feelings and start to grow in this direction can we  hope for further evolution.


I’m 300,000,000 years old give or take a few million an I’m still a new born babe.  I’ve been many places and I will be there again and in between I’ll find out that there are many, many places I haven’t been and have yet to go

From Atom to Nova, to Star, to Sun and back again, and so much more and I want to reach for it all.


© 2010, Doris Schachter


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