Flamenco at the Thirsty Bear. Jim Gunshinan

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What the Body Wants

To get up off the floor
and dance. It wants to get up
out of a chair and dance; to get out
from behind a desk and dance; to get outside

The body wants to move.
The body wants to move and touch
and betogether with other bodies.
It wants to smell other bodies

and taste other bodies.
It wants to be up to its neck
in body. The body is tired of waiting
and resting beneath the weight

of the mind. The body falls asleep thinking.
It can’t stand the wait
between inaction and action.
It doesn’t want to write

or call somebody, talk or take a nap.
It wants to touch the world of bread
and warm coffee cups
soft cloth and rough cloth, pavement

tree bark and hear car sounds and water sounds.
It wants to tread on things
and to feel the weight of things.
It wants to squeeze somebody

and be squeezed.
It wants hot sun on its back, and breezes.
It wants to jump in water and float.
The body wants to fly.

It wants to feel with every cell
the pull of gravity, and the centrifugal force
of turning. It wants energy and tranquility.
The body wants to be big sometimes

to fill up rooms with shouting
and to fit into small, safe places.
The body wants to vibrate to its own voice
and to feel harmony with other voices

and dissonance.
It wants to dance slow and dance fast
to flow, to thrust, to bend, be still.
It wants to make beautiful lines

and be seen.
It wants to be fat and skinny
to burst out of its seams.
The body wants everything.
It does not want to be bounded
but loves to rub, push and bounce off

  © Jim Gunshinan, 2013


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