Flamenco at the Thirsty Bear. Jim Gunshinan

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Blue Cornflowers

Crimson roses cascade down the stacked, concentric layers
of our wedding cake.
Its paper-thin, dark chocolate walls

hold passion fruit.
The roses reverse the thousand steps I climbed
in a dream, before I was ordained

while the congregation below me became a blur.
It’s dizzying, coming down to my body
waking up to find you in a white dress, under trees

in Tilden Park. I’ve hiked these trails alone for years.
The pine needles smell like cinnamon.
In the spring, poppies, like licks

of orange flame, have called to me
not to worship, but to stop, bend down, and love them.
I remember our first date. I was waiting

by the restaurant, in front of a florist stand.
You came around a corner, wearing a dress
the color of cornflowers.

  © Jim Gunshinan, 2013


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