Through Self’s Veneer

Poetry by Robert J. Nolan



Eros Mutatus
To the Red Cross Workers
A Prayer at Pentecost
To My Grandchildren
A Modern Odyssey
Bernini’s David
Socrates’ Exhortation
Ted Kaczynski: Unabomber
To Dante
A Faustian Bargain
At the Crossroad
A Modern Eden Is the Bible Belt
The Third Temptation
Prometheos Revisited



two heads in profile facing each other

vertical line

            A New Invocation

      In the name of the Pneuma,
      And of Psyche in Soma,
      And of their Noetic union.



About Robert J. Nolan

Through Self’s Veneer is also available as a print chapbook, published by Wordrunner Chapbooks, 2005; ISBN: 1-931002-41-X

“Eros Mutatus” and “Bernini’s David” were previously published in Iambs and Trochees.