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Through Self's Veneer: Poetry by Robert J. Nolan (drawing of two heads in profile facing each other)


Bernini’s David

In Rome’s Borghese Palace

This is the David that Goliath saw:
a lean pubescent with determined jaw;
not an anatomical prodigy
posing as if to say, “Admire me”;
no hint at all he’d later dare presume
to send a woman’s husband to his doom.
With torso tensed, tightened lips, knitted brow,
and eyes riveted to the here and now,
he stares skyward at this self-centered giant,
roaring in disbelief at this defiant
boy, who knows for certain that he will win,
because “I Am” is with him, deep within,
and those depths will thrust out to that stretched sling,
conjoined with crouched sinews, ready to spring.


  Through Self’s Veneer


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  © Robert J. Nolan, 2010