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Through Self's Veneer: Poetry by Robert J. Nolan (drawing of two heads in profile facing each other)



“Sovereignty passes from nation to nation
on account of injustice and insolence and wealth.”

                                                                             Sir. 10:8

Israel was among the first to taste
       Of insolence and power’s vitriol,
When for its sins the Babylonians
       Sent its people into Sheol.

The age of Pericles witnessed
       How wealth and hubris take their toll,
When Socrates lost his life
       And Athens lost its soul.

Rome, France, and Germany in turn
       Presumed that each was in control,
But found they were merely actors
       In history’s Grand Guignol.

And now it seems America
       Is destined to play this role,
Where so many are blind to the notion
       One’s might can lead to one’s fall.



  Through Self’s Veneer


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  © Robert J. Nolan, 2010