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Through Self's Veneer: Poetry by Robert J. Nolan (drawing of two heads in profile facing each other)


To My Grandchildren

In time you’ll find, at once or by degrees,
the light within the heart grows dark in most.
Dazzled by the light of day,
consumed by commonplace complexities,
a bewildered and bewildering host
would have you turn their way
to personal visions of some purer light,
the kind that would benight
the heart in absolutes and casuistries.

O my children, the light of which I speak
knows not of hatred, wrath, or bitterness,
nor makes a mockery of the meek
just to magnify one’s own success,
nor does it simmer with a sensual heat,
where self-indulgence deepens self-deceit.

This light, emerging sui generis,
and touching time from out of time,
tells the Ego that it “Is!”
and judges every era’s paradigm.

Its depth and breadth are measureless;
it’s the source of life and art,
the origin of consciousness—
the Mind within the heart.


  Through Self’s Veneer


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  © Robert J. Nolan, 2010