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Through Self's Veneer: Poetry by Robert J. Nolan (drawing of two heads in profile facing each other)


Ted Kaczynski: Unabomber

Windowless, mere slits of light squinting through
grey, shrunken boards, his vision of the good
the dead, his spirit had contracted to
a one-room cabin in a Stygian wood.
No creature comforts, only furniture
of wadding, wires, and sticks of dynamite,
the landscape of a mind with heart so pure
no Tempter could beguile his will from Right.
His isolation, he knew, was the price
he’d pay for loving humankind too well;
to spread the word was worth the sacrifice,
for who but he could save the world from Hell?
So “then’s” no good—it has to happen now;
for that he’ll sweat until the blood drips from his brow.


  Through Self’s Veneer


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  © Robert J. Nolan, 2010