Winter's Tales

By Lawrence Sandy

Off to Benton Harbour
Summer Holidays
Learning to Drive
Taking a Walk
What a Beautiful Day
A Winter's Tale
Good Night, Sweetheart
The Two Pears
Summer Love
Breakfast Tidbit
In the Winter of Our Life
A Purim Spiel
Negative vs. Positive
What Would I Do
   Without Poetry?

Waking Up
Spring Is in Our Hearts




What a Beautiful Day

What a beautiful, bright sunny day.
Come the weekend it’s rain again.
During the week we get the sun,
a bad break for the country goers.
For us city people it doesn’t matter.
We take it as it is, no problems.

I like a day when cloudy,
cumulous clouds dot the sunny sky,
find a chair, lounge back,
look up at the clouds floating by,
each one seemingly,
familiar to us.

In the dusk the sun is setting,
lowering itself beneath the horizon,
showering its rays here and there,
giving us a dazzling display,
that thrills us to the utmost.

Now the sky has darkened,
stars begin to appear.
Off to the east, just above the horizon
a bright gold circular image
appears in the sky,
the moon starting its nightly journey.

  © Lawrence Sandy, 2012