Winter's Tales

By Lawrence Sandy

Off to Benton Harbour
Summer Holidays
Learning to Drive
Taking a Walk
What a Beautiful Day
A Winter's Tale
Good Night, Sweetheart
The Two Pears
Summer Love
Breakfast Tidbit
In the Winter of Our Life
A Purim Spiel
Negative vs. Positive
What Would I Do
   Without Poetry?

Waking Up
Spring Is in Our Hearts




Off to Benton Harbour

Old Benton Harbour,
memories of years past,
the birthplace of Mom.

Overseas Dad went, to buy
goods for the trade, we too,
to Benton Harbor.

On the train we went.
We were young ones and squeamish.
Arrived, got off the train.

Bubbie, Zadie’s home,
brothers, sisters, still around,
happy to see us.

Life so kosher here.
Don’t know too much about it,
but the food’s so good

Zadie, with his horse, wagon,
left Monday, home Saturday,
loaded with junk.

The House of David.
Our pictures were taken,
the four of us smiled.

House of David: 1924 (Peggy, Winnie, Mildred, Lawrence)A Shoikett next door,
his shed bleeding chicks all over,
a sickening sight.

The Shule past the field,
we watching the lights go on.
Shabbos over, supper time.

Comes the time to leave.
We loved being here with all.
Good to go back home.

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  © Lawrence Sandy, 2012  


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