Winter's Tales

by Lawrence Sandy


    •  Off to Benton Harbour
    •  Summer Holidays
    •  Learning to Drive
    •  Taking a Walk
    •  What a Beautiful Day
    •  A Winter's Tale
    •  Good Night, Sweetheart
    •  The Two Pears
    •  Summer Love
    •  Breakfast Tidbit
    •  In the Winter of Our Life
    •  A Purim Spiel
    •  Negative vs. Positive
    •  What Would I Do Without Poetry?
    •  Siesta
    •  Waking Up
    •  Spring Is in Our Hearts


Lawrence Sandy began writing the poems collected here when he was 93. The poetry is as diverse as his interests and experience, and reflects his curious, always engaged, and upbeat nature. He knows that life is a gift to be savored, and the world rarely fails to awe or amuse him. A volume of his poetry, published to celebrate his 97th birthday, is available in print at

winter scene with toboggan  
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