Winter's Tales

By Lawrence Sandy

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Learning to Drive
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A Winter's Tale
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Waking Up
Spring Is in Our Hearts




Learning to Drive

Mildred, remember the days of Galbraith’s Grove.
Along with the Gardners,
our annual vacation spot,
had many a good summer there.
The comforts no way like home.
We made do and did well to enjoy.

The Sandy cottage down by the lake,
bedded the six of us in comfort,
sleeping the night, waking up,
looking for the pot to pee in.

The Gardner’s cottage, a few steps away,
housing Fay, Harry, Eddie and Kay,
a family great to be with and enjoy.
Imagine knowing Kay that far back.

Harry and Dad spent weekends with us,
driving back home late Sunday.
One weekend, Harry said to me,
How about learning how to drive?
With the impetuousness of youth I nodded.

Into his car I went, spent an hour
learning the mechanics,
ready or not, got behind the wheel.
Off we went, jerking and stalling,
at last coming to a nice stretch of road.

Keeping to the right at 20 mph, felt nice.
Harry said, you must go faster — 50 mph
seemed to be flying. At last stopping the car,
looking for a bush for relief.
Then I drove back, none the worse for wear.

Before the days of disregard for public safety,
instructors were not common. The other guy
taught what they knew.
Just one of the things I taught Kay.

  © Lawrence Sandy, 2012  


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