Winter's Tales

By Lawrence Sandy

Off to Benton Harbour
Summer Holidays
Learning to Drive
Taking a Walk
What a Beautiful Day
A Winter's Tale
Good Night, Sweetheart
The Two Pears
Summer Love
Breakfast Tidbit
In the Winter of Our Life
A Purim Spiel
Negative vs. Positive
What Would I Do
   Without Poetry?

Waking Up
Spring Is in Our Hearts




What Would I Do Without Poetry?

Here I am, ninety-three years old,
happily living together with my wife,
at the Terraces, a retirement home.
One afternoon, a voice accosted me,
How about going to the poetry class?
Rebecca in her motorized wheelchair.
Me go to a poetry class? I replied.
Don’t know the first thing about it.
Well, she said, go anyway.
If you don’t like it, forget about it.
So I went, became addicted,
Hardly missed a class since.
What puzzles me. Why
did Rebecca pick on me?
To say the least
I am grateful.

Writing poetry became a habit and pleasure.
Beginning was a problem,
my hand writing a scrawl, so unreadable.
Took to the computer, using the keyboard,
punching wrong letters—y for t, r for e.
After a line or two, pause to scan and correct.
And the ups and downs drive me up a wall.

I ask myself, what would I do without poetry?
The get-togethers at three on Wednesdays,
learning and sharing the work we have created.
Sitting at my keyboard, doing what I love to do,
writing a poem, to share it here and there.
That, for me, is time well spent.

  © Lawrence Sandy, 2012