Winter's Tales

By Lawrence Sandy

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Taking a Walk
What a Beautiful Day
A Winter's Tale
Good Night, Sweetheart
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Summer Love
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A Purim Spiel
Negative vs. Positive
What Would I Do
   Without Poetry?

Waking Up
Spring Is in Our Hearts




A Purim Spiel

One Thursday afternoon
Shawn threw this at us, a Purim Spiel.
The drama group loyally nodded aye, aye.
But what is a Purim Spiel?
The first rehearsal, one of learning,
and a few more too.

A big challenge for the drama group,
not to forget, two or three of the group
making up a skit for presentation.
Now the whole group working as one,
loving the idea of giving a Purim Spiel.
Shawn, doing a tremendous job of guiding us.

Two months of rehearsals began,
scripts given out, roles assigned,
suggestions made, some accepted,
while patiently, patiently, rehearsing,
some of us wishing for more time.
No chance, Purim had come, at last.

The assembly hall was full,
listening to the Terrace choir
singing a quartet of Purim songs.
Done. The drama group swarmed the stage,
fully bedecked in costumes, jewellery,
ready to start the Purim Spiel.

It was a great team effort,
all working with the other in mind,
the action moving smoothly to the end.
This play done with, whom to thank?
Bianca, Shawn, of course, they seem to know,
despite our doubts, what we can do.

Purim Spiel players

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  © Lawrence Sandy, 2012


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