Winter's Tales

By Lawrence Sandy

Off to Benton Harbour
Summer Holidays
Learning to Drive
Taking a Walk
What a Beautiful Day
A Winter's Tale
Good Night, Sweetheart
The Two Pears
Summer Love
Breakfast Tidbit
In the Winter of Our Life
A Purim Spiel
Negative vs. Positive
What Would I Do
   Without Poetry?

Waking Up
Spring Is in Our Hearts





I am sitting on the balcony
gazing up at the sky.
It is a bright sunny day,
clouds dotting the sky,
looking familiar to the eye.
A chap riding a motorcycle
chasing the one ahead.
And many more.
The viewer finding a likeness
in most of them, floating by.
Moments pass by, I doze off
for my afternoon siesta.

  © Lawrence Sandy, 2012