Winter's Tales

By Lawrence Sandy

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A Winter's Tale
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In the Winter of Our Life
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What Would I Do
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Waking Up
Spring Is in Our Hearts




In the Winter of Our Life

Retirement has come.
Now free to do whatever comes.
Volunteer, travel.

First l was stitching
a small rug, still on the wall,
plenty time, no rush.

Loved to volunteer,
drove clients of the Red Cross,
Homes to hospitals.

A few years passed by,
stopped driving for the Red Cross.
Now, Circle of Care.

This place, a get together
for seniors wanting to share
their hobbies, lifestyles.

I liked this program,
Meals on Wheels, delivery,
Baycrest to eater.

Did this twenty years,
three times a week, feeling good.
A frown, smile, greeting you.

We all love Baycrest,
world renowned, a place of care,
haven for the old.

Kay sang at Baycrest
with a group, for forty years,
to everyone’s joy.

Kay took part in plays,
really well received, enjoyed.
Still at it, me too.

Kay, an organiser,
made our bowling league, ran it,
bowlers became friends.

After each bowling night
meeting at a bowler’s house,
we would eat, enjoy.

New Year’s Eve a bash.
Dressed up, for this and for that.
All having great times.

Like one and all.

  © Lawrence Sandy, 2012  


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