Winter's Tales

By Lawrence Sandy

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A Winter's Tale

Winter is here in all its glory,
all dressed warmly, enjoying.
Snow covering the streets,
shovellers clearing the walks
for the walker to walk safely,
kids building snow forts on the lawns,
making snowballs to throw at each other.
Beware you walker,
one might come your way.
Kids on the streets with sticks and nets
playing hockey, ignoring their safety.

Took a walk to the park, to my pleasure,
two ice rinks going full blast, on the hockey rink,
players flying up and down, chasing the puck.
Hockey always a good game to watch.
Alongside, the pleasure rink,
being used by old and young alike,
by the boards, toddlers learning to skate,
with bob skates afoot, held up by elders.
Around the rink people were skating
in singles, pairs to a rhythm,
emanating from their being.
Now, look, in the centre of the rink
two figure skaters giving us a show,
skating, spins, jumps, beautiful to watch.
At last donned my skates
and joined the crowd in the rink.

A small crowd gathered on top of a slope
with their toboggans, sleds, skis,
awaiting their turn
to go down the slope.
A voice called out, how about joining us?
My pleasure. I squeezed on, away we went.
A glorious ride, bushes and trees flying by.
Slide over, got up, saying, again sometime.
Trudged up the hill, they for more rides.
Me, headed for home and supper.
Oh my, it’s snowing again.

  © Lawrence Sandy, 2012  


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